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A Saturday Afternoon Poem

“A poem is never finished,
only abandoned”

by its creator
for the vultures to feast on

when he is no longer
able to carry it

because it has gained
so much weight

eating popcorn, hotdog
and candies in the public park

where one is supposed to breath
the fresh air, and

watch the young girls run
in their sweaty shorts-
pink, purple and naked white


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The River

The River-

Playing all by herself,
she sang.

One early morning
I walked up to her
and asked: what are you singing babe?

She didn’t answer. I asked her again.
Again, she didn’t answer.

I got mad, took a rock and threw it at her.
She snagged it like a catcher.

As I was collecting more rocks,
a crow came by and said:
Stop throwing rocks you fool!

I chased the fucker for a mile,
got tired, took a seat under a mango tree.

Mango tree knows everything.
She called the crow and asked:
Can you take him back to the river?

The river sang quietly.
I said: Can we be friends?

With a twinkle in her eye
she said: Won’t you shake my hands?
I saw the crow race for the mango.

As she came closer,
a tree nearby trembled in the wind

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The Open Window

The Open Window

When I play the piano
my neighbor slams her window.

When she comes out
to water her plants
I let my dog bark to its heart’s content.

She stares at my dog
and whispers something that
makes my dog bark even louder.

Last night
I saw an ambulance,
the paramedics taking her from the house.

This morning
I sat by the piano a long time-
at the open window.

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